Personal Injury

    A motor vehicle accident is a traumatic event that can leave you shaken, stunned or even injured. It is important, even under these stressful conditions, to try and keep some control over events that occur at the scene of the accident. The steps you take at the scene may have repercussions down the road when you are dealing with I.C.B.C. or are contemplating suing for damages.

    We recommend that you keep a note pad and pen in the glove compartment of your car at all times so that you can take extensive notes at the scene of an accident. Write down the name, address, and phone number of the other driver. Write down the license plate number of the other car. Often the other car will not be driven by the owner. Find out who the owner is and make a note of that name too.

    Write down the names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses. Witnesses include passengers in either vehicle as well as passers-by.

    When you have time to do so, and as soon as possible after the accident, make a sketch of the accident scene and write down the events as you remember them occurring.

    The reason for these notes is to assist your recollection during the time it will take to resolve your case with I.C.B.C., either through negotiation or litigation.

    It is important to note that you are obligated to contact police and report the accident if the total vehicle damage (to both vehicles) is over $1, 000.00. You must also report the accident to local police if bodily injury or death has occurred or if it was a hit and run accident. You must then telephone I.C.B.C. and report the claim. The telephone number in Nanaimo is 390- 4511.

    If you have any questions about personal injury law or if you have been in an accident, contact Brian Kirkhope, for a free consultation about your rights.